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[STH - Shadouge] Aging Love


Shadow looked upon his old partner and a mixed rush of emotions would swell inside of him. He envied that she could age, but at the same time he feared that she would soon leave him alone, once more. And the pang in his chest that came with the loss of the old bat was something he had not felt in many years, but he feared going through that emotion once again all the same.

Rouge had aged rather gracefully, actually. Despite that her face had wrinkled in places, Shadow still found her to be beautiful, especially when she smiled. Her days of treasure hunting and spying had long since passed, and though he still worked for G.U.N. in his immortal state, he always came home to her, and she always waited. Omega would come along every so often. He knew the robot was also aware of her aging, but wasn’t so sure how a machine would feel about it.

Every so often, she would touch his hand, gently hold onto him, squeezing ever so softly. Her grip was far weaker than it had once been, when she could easily lift him in the air with her wings, which could no longer lift even herself so easily. But it eased him, somehow, that she could still touch him.

He wondered how much longer until her hands could no longer hold his. When he could no longer hold her close and listen to her heartbeat at night, just to be sure she was still there. And he was afraid of what he would do when that day would come, because Shadow wasn’t certain what he would come to.

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seapunk-goddess-from-neptune asks: ✖ S-Shadouge if you wouldn't mind owo;;;


  • Who was the one to propose: 

Rouge might suggest one day, “We should get married” in a joking manner and Shadow simply replies, “I agree, we should.” Rouge became rather surprised by the response and the next day, finds a ring and a note saying “Will you marry me? -Shadow” on her bedside table.

  • Who stressed more over wedding planning:

Rouge is slightly stressed, but Shadow is great a planning and generally takes the reins. For some reason, he’s not really stressed by this, but it could be because he’s planned and led several GUN missions before and planning a wedding reminds him of something that like. :,D

  • Who decorated the house:

Both. I like to think that Rouge comes up with a layout and suggest what they should do and Shadow decorates and throws in his own pieces to the decoration.

  • Who does the cooking:

Both, actually! They’re both fairly good at cooking and simply take turns when it comes to cooking. 

  • Who does the cleaning:

Shadow, more often then not. Rouge is not very fond of cleaning while Shadow doesn’t really mind doing it. Rouge will clean if she has to, but she usually tries to avoid it. 

  • Who is more organized:

Shadow. :O He’s rather organized, while Rouge tends to be more spontaneous.

  • Who initiates bedroom fun:

Neither. Shadow as asexual is a headcanon of mine. He’s not repulsed by sex. It’s just not for him. 

However, if I didn’t place my headcanon here, it would probably be Rouge more often than Shadow.

  • Who suggested kids first:

Neither. I can’t really imagine either of them raising kids. If they were to have kids, then I suppose someone would suggest to them that they should have children and they’d go home and discuss if they should adopt, but I can’t be too sure if they’d actually have children.